www.rareandsigned.com is the home of rare and signed memorabilia, First Edition books and Fine Art.


We aim to bring together a range of exciting and unique products in one place and work hard to source and provide high value, treasured items from the world of Celebrity, Movies, Music and Politics. 


We stock the largest online inventory anywhere of authentic signed QUEEN and Beatles memorabilia, along with the biggest collection of genuine signed J K Rowling and Stephen King First Editions in the world.


As a worldwide provider of authentic and genuine memorabilia, we have attended and held autograph signings. rareandsigned have established numerous long-term and personal relationships with authors, boxers and agents alike, our commitment is recognized and appreciated throughout the memorabilia industry.


Whether a major investor looking for exclusive memorabilia or a beginner in the field, when you shop at rareandsigned you will be purchasing a quality piece of history, which will appeal to future generations.


RAREANDSIGNED.COM regularly supply charity auctions with signed memorabilia along with establishments and companies just wishing to display impressive collections of memorabilia. Our customer base covers private individuals buying gifts to serious multi-millionaire collectors. RAREANDSIGNED.COM also supply the trade.


Collecting Music Memorabilia
We own and stock some of the finest modern day music memorabilia in the world today. From QUEEN through the The Beatles. We only sell authentic genuine hand signed autographed albums and photographs from the most famous musicians. Our comprehensive pop and rock memorabilia includes original items owned and used by The Beatles, QUEEN, The Rolling Stones and George Michael through to David Bowie and The Stone Roses. Whether a major investor or a beginner in the field, you will be purchasing a quality piece which will appeal to future generations and maintain it's value unlike so many other things in today's world.


Collecting Fine Art & Original Paintings
We stock some of the finest modern day paintings in the world today. Just a selection of original works we currently have on offer include Braaq, Damien Hirst, Peter Blake, Govinder, Fred Yates, Arthur Delaney, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Timmy Mallett and Tony Forrest. Whether a major investor or a beginner in the field, you will be purchasing a quality piece of art which will appeal to future generations and maintain it's value unlike so many other things in today's world. 


Whether it is the finest quality First Issue Harry Potter novel, personal or corporate gifts, or raising funds for a charity auction, please do not hesitate to contact us. We own some of the most beautiful First Editions & Memorabilia available in the world today and can give advice on any investment you may wish to make.


Available For Immediate Purchase
All of the items you see on our website are real and held in our vaults. We only show actual genuine stock available for immediate sale.


RARE AND SIGNED was established by Jason Cullen, a broadcaster of more than 30 years, turning an avid hobby into a strong and succesful business. Jason's experience in both media and entertainment brings with it a vast knowledge and understanding the world of showbiz and celebrity.


Jason Cullen is an experienced broadcaster of over 35 years and specialist in the area of rare and signed books, music memorabilia and fine art. Jason's expertise is second to none and knowledge of the industry helps us to secure a fantastic range of collectible products for you.


RARE AND SIGNED is more than just a store. We also offer valuation and authentication services, often required for insuring high value memorabilia items. Of course our website also offers the serious collector a wide selection of the very best in fine books, art and memorabilia. We stock some of the finest books and pieces of rare memorabilia you could ever wish to own and this site is updated regularly to reflect the trends and changes within the current market place.


We understand that buying unique memorabilia is different from most other shopping experiences. We are on hand to help you with any queries you may have, and to provide whatever information you might need for your purchase.


RARE AND SIGNED has built it's reputation in the UK as a leading provider of premium quality memorabilia and as a top flight event management company. Organising headline making event packages, unique sportsman dinners and providing high quality after dinner speaker events.


RARE AND SIGNED is socially responsible, giving a proportion of pre-tax profits to charity. Significantly we also give up portions of time to charity work which is becoming increasingly important. Many charities are desperate for volunteers. It is understandable in the culture now that people lead very busy lives and don't necessarily have time to devote to volunteer and charity issues, so if we can help in anyway then that is great. Amongst those registered charities we have assisted are the RBIB, The Change For Children appeal (Virgin Atlantic foundation), UNICEF, RSPCA and PDSA.


We are a registered UK business with many recommendations available. Our loyal and growing customer base includes popular figures from the world of sport, entertainment and politics and our staff have a reputation for knowledgeable and professional service.


For further help and advice on collecting, valuations, and all media enquires please contact [email protected] or [email protected]